Shelf Liners and Glass Mats

Unlike other liners, DuraGridĀ® has support towers that keep your glassware high & dry above the wet counter tops. Used in restaurants and bars worldwide, Duragrid shelf liners also have many uses around the home

DuraGrid interlocking modules can easily be made to fit any size surface.

With Duragrid your glassware stays clean, dry and beautiful.

Manufactured with VINZYNE SB-1 ANTI-MICROBIAL preventing mold mildew and odor causing bacteria.

Made in the USA!

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mat used in kitchen

Indoor Styles

  • Comfort Tile

    Glass mat

    Comfort tile looks and feels great on the feet. The most popular product in the patent DuraGrid line-up and will provide any wet floor with the traction you need.
    Available in 5 Colors

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    Cross-Rib Matting

    shelf liners

    Want to add a different look to your patio or sun room? With DuraGrid Cross-Rib, you can create a clean & dry area in minutes.
    Available in 5 Colors

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  • Non-Slip Matting

    Non-Slip Brick Red

    Our premium commercial grade vinyl matting system provides you with ultra durable traction & superior water drainage in those high traffic areas that need it.
    Available in 5 Colors

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